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Is this real? It said sleep and see?

Love it

I think this app is cool but creepy it told me that lilibab was in back of me and was listening to me but idk who it is and it told me I was ganna marry this guy named Alex then it told me to follow selena and selena is my sister that past away !! I still love it

Holly crap!😱

I did the game alone so I started a simple question. It was what is your name. Then it spelled trouble then I hear a loud bang and it scared the crap out of me. 😱😱😱


Terrible does not work just bounces around


I dont usually review apps but this thing really made me feel creeped out. I bought it because of the somewhat nice ratings and yes it does seem to give accurate answers 90% of the time. I asked it twice "who are you" first answer was (sleep and see) and second time it answered me with (turn back) it totally freaked me out.

What a waste of time

If you don't want to give up your contacts and want to play the board by yourself, it will not work. It will only give you nonsense answers.. So it's a delete for me.

This app works!

It spelled out my friends name! GET IT!

So fake!

If it can't access your contacts it gives stupid answers like I said who is this and it said "within reach" lol I give this thing no stars if I could ppl it's just a game!!


Dumbest game ever! It uses your contacts to try to scare ya. Not worth your money. It also only says one thing then shuts off so what's the point? Don't think it will answer your questions because it says the dumbest things!


1 it uses your contacts and 2 it turns off after one question!

The best ideal ouija board

First of all this app isn't a waste of money. And for all you that said it was don't know how to use ouija boards. First ask it a sensitive question about yourself and stick to that question. Ignor the contacts that might interfere. But truly this is the best ouija board app for iPhone and there's a spirit in it whenever u use it..


THIS IS STUPID ! It ends right after one question don't buy

Crap on a stick

Uses your contact list. Fake.

Not real

Hey everybody, if u have this app it goes to ur contact list and does names from the list, just to get u scared, so I wouldnt freak out about it, thank u SLIM SHADY:):) P.S. U got to admit that's actually a good way to scare people:):) haha

Kinda scary

Sometimes this app will make me scared by the things it spells out lik it said to me"Kim in danger" but other times I'll ask it somethin n the answer won't be related to my question...ehh it's ok


My grandma is dead and asked who it was and said grandma and said can't risk

Don't waste ur money

I was watching the video and when the zombie truck driver popped up then I looked and looked then I just stared and I was startled that Barney could do better and I just was hurt that anyone or anything could do better don't I mean don't waste ur time app space and money!!!!!


Think this is the best one out there! It's cool when people have no clue how it works it'll freak u out, used it five times and all those times it has freaked the other people who asked the questions cus it'll give u names and well see for ur self


Have you noticed all the names it spells out are the names in your contact list?


Fake: I tried to ask something and a face popped out don't waste your time

It's ok

Fun to play with when you are bored but in no way real.

Creepy App

okay this app freaked me out! i asked it when i would die and it said "in 10 days" hopefully not! haha! im scared xP i luv this app!:D


Ok so i was messing around with this app and later that night my sister broke out in a strange rash but i didn't think much of it. The next night I asked who is this and it said " it's lexi." and I was a little creeped out but I shrugged it off. A minute later i went to the bathroom and instead of throwing the toilet paper in I picked up my phone and threw it in the toilet! It was like I had no control over what I was doing... like being possessed. Then later I pulled my phone out of my pocket and there was white and blue powdery stuff stuck in between the keys which I had to did out with my nail. But I swear this thing is real and it gives you bad luck! It's cool though.


Hey my name is Jimmy and I asked it who are you and it said....I am you Jimmy


This app is decent. I think it's entertaining and fun to mess with if you're bored. However don't rely on its answers or anything. It's just a game... Worth the dollar? Almost.


Mine keeps saying " your moms smiling goodbye " like my moms dead and she's not...... Any ways creepy but fakeish I do and I don't believe :|

Ehhhhh it's ok

Pretty clever goes through ur contacts haha... But it is pretty addicting. I asked the board thing something and it said a stranger will call. My mom just picked up the phone and my mom was like hello helloooooo. Nothing. Then my mom looked at who just called. Name was unknown. Sware

Waste of money...but the people made put 1 star



Ok so my house is haunted and the ghosts name is Megan so I asked what is ur nam and it says megon and I ask were it lives and it says in my closet I always see her there 2 lol it works


Ok look I was at school with my friends showing them the Ouija board in the morning and the hadn't rang yet so I showed it to them and it wrote TIME HAS COME and then all of asudden the school bell rang for school to start


This blows my mind. It talks about my friend Kyle, how does it know?


Do not get this ap its bs


I love dinosaurs and so I asked if I was one and it said yes!!!! ohhh yeahh

I don't know why I buy these

I asked are you there it said "yes, save yourself" so I asked save my self from what it said "from the end, 666, 333" and then it said goodbye.....creepy death board.

I Feel Gipped

The answers are so random. My dead guy is boring!


Good fun but waist of $ All answers are so generic you can interpret them any way u like. Storm in 7 days it said...we'll see

Interesting app

It works well and gives informative answers.


I asked wat my name was then it said WRONG then goodbye, then I asked who r u? And it said Sicc Wid it has a plan. Lol Sicc Wid it is my friend on an online game so I added him as a contact, lol this Is funny I'm gonna ask him do u have a plan? And he'll be like Wat r u talking about? Lol funny game, and i asked who r u again then it said please stop. Wonder wat that means

Omg it works!!

I kept asking questions about Brendon and then it said, Brendon has what you desire!!! I can't believe it works!!! It also said call Zoe before I asked it a question!! I didn't mention Zoe at all!! Then it said hear mommy so I walked in my house and my mom said Zoe invited us to a movie!!!! Weird!!

Ummmm... Well...

Fun to mess with when your bored. Says random things most of the time. Oh, and the seance doesn't do anything.


My friend, Zach and I have been in a fight and when I asked it if the fight was ridiculous, it said "forgive Zach"! No joke


Please update!!! And to the makers of this app, please update the board where it spels things!!! It never spelled a friends name n my contacts!!! Please!!! I want 2 joke them!!! Please update t!!! Update by lik friday PLEASE!!!


Don't waste your money!!


It was soo creppy once when me and my friend kasie were playing at school and we asked if oscar(a guy she liked frm school) liked her and the ouija board spelled out "kasie and oscar" so the next day i asked oscar if he liked kasie and he said yes then asked her out!! Long story short, today is their 5 month anniversery! Call that watever u want but i say that this app is freakin awesome! And as for all you who say its cuz of the contacts,ur wrong cuz i had no contacts except for my brother,mom and boyfriend when i did this and it said both kasie's nd oscar's name when i had neither of their #s!


Don't buy it is stuped!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, now I'm freaked out.

I thought this would spell out random phrases like some of the other talking board apps, but when it spelled out my friend Megan's name, it stopped me in my tracks. Impressive.

This app is pretty cook

It's cool to trick your friends. It uses ur contacts! Cool tho. It scared me...

Kinda weird....

Ok i admit this is creepy but they go thru ur contacts!! CONTACTS!!!(i think) Lol hopefully i do win the lottos (smart lil app) Also...Live Hauntong isn't even scary. Tried it on a 8-9 year old...none of us blinked. Im older than they r but still.


All it does is say names from your contacts! It's a piece of crap if you ask me. I deleted all my contacts, and it never said any names that were in my contacts ever again. DON'T GET THIS APP!!!!!!

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